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About Me

For the past sixteen years I have been learning about myself and my relationship to Creative Source – ALL THAT IS.  Finding myself aligning to the definitions of Mystic, Shape Shifter, Alchemist, Frequency Holder, Energy Amplifier while working with the 3D energies of Reiki, The Ancients, Munay-Ki Rites and Cosmic Shaman.  Currently being in Human Embodiment of THE HERE AND NOW channeling the Archetype energies of Source Love, Goddess, God, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia and Energy Portals.

To me this means I am here to assist with the integration through harmonization of ALL THAT IS in The Here and Now of Duality with Humanity’s Individualized nooks and crannies. 

Change to me involves looking at your life from different perspectives and reacting anew. You need not worry about the past but redesign                   THE HERE AND NOW that you are living and proceeding from. 

Where we find ourselves today is based on the energetics we have aligned with earlier on the path. Stagnation is remaining as you are, not becoming WHO YOU CAN BE. 

Step on to your path of self-discovery, which means experiencing the highs and lows, the perceptions of good and bad thus allowing the integration and harmonization of ALL THAT IS within you.

I open myself to be of service to those ready to engage in your self-realizations, finding your truths deep within you. Your truths will continue to evolve as you live a life of exploration and expansion. 

                      “It does not matter what other people say ... it is how you react and what you choose to believe about yourself that matters.                           Do things the way that suit you and find your own niche.”

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7 Life Path

Your mind is your greatest gift and your mission is to investigate and study.  Spiritual quests play a great role in you life and aid in quenching your thirst of wisdom.  Research is a constant companion in your life. Stay true to the gifts of the Life Path Number 7 and you will find answer and insights into the things you may question. Take great care not to isolate yourself from others because you have much to offer them. 

 9 Personality

People feel that you are trustworthy; you appear selfless, understanding and compassionate. You present an inviting personality to the world, and are viewed as one that can be depended on. Others are drawn to your “OLD SOUL” aura; they seek your advice and wisdom. You seem to radiate a spiritual insight to all who come into your presence. You are regarded a someone with a generous, tolerant, and sympathetic hears.

 8 Soul

You long to accomplish much in this lifetime. Ambition and a strong vision assure that you will make things happen.  You like to be in one in charge and derive happiness from helping others discover their talents and accomplish their goals. YOU WANT TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Your skills and creativity are gifts that make good things happen in your life.

 8 Destiny

Your ability to inspire others is the path towards the recognition and success you seek. Hard work, discipline , and perseverance join forces furthering you evolutionary progress. Lead by example and growth will follow. You must master your spiritual side and only then will you fully realize the position you desire.


SUN Taurus    -    MOON Leo    -    RISING Scorpio    -    VENUS Aries    -   MARS Taurus

About : About Me

I found this picture and identified with it as an Amputee and Caring Person

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